Go Green with Greencliff

By Greencliff | July 06, 2018

Go Green with Inner Styling with Green pallettes

The new trend in indoor colour is Green


We love Green and so are embracing that Green is the flavour of the month for interior styling. Show cased throughout the current season of House Rules we can show you how it can be best used throughout your home, even with just some simple changes.

Fun fact: Did you know if your favourite colour is also Green (and why wouldn't it be) this indicates that you are most likely stable and balanced. 




The new trend in Kitchen styles

By Greencliff | June 06, 2018

Kitchen trends the latest styles

As promised we are bringing you the latest trends, this month we are featuring European Kitchen interior design, the latest colours, textures & storage ideas and who doesnt find change appealing now fresh colours & fresh ideas.

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The new trend in Indoor Plants

By Greencliff | May 18, 2018

Indoor plant trend go green

There used to be days when only fashion trends were the thing for us people to follow. But the world is so different now from 10 years ago. The-trend-to-follow-this-season has now become such a constantly changing vast lifestyle industry that by the time you try to keep up with a certain trend, a new one follows.

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Hit some hiking trails this weekend!

By Greencliff | May 10, 2018

Go Green with Greencliff best hiking trails outskirts Sydney

Go Green with Greencliff and visit some majestic hiking tracks on the outskirts of Sydney, we have asked our staff for some of their fav tracks and here they are to share with you.

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Ready to detox after Easter feasting?

By Greencliff | April 3, 2018

Green Goodness best detox salad

Try this easy to whip up salad for lunch or dinner to help re-hydrate your body with essential vitamins.

We have also found where you can get the best bargain veges




Healthy Options - Try fruit dipped in chocolate this Easter

By Greencliff | March 6, 2018

Healthy Options with Greencliff

Trying to be healthy for 2018? Trying to be GREEN, we have some delicious ideas for home made easter treats this year.

From grapes to melon to kiwi fruit you can play with white, dark and milk choc or mix it up with double dipping. The recipe is so easy too!

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Mix it up this Australia Day with a Green Mojito

By Greencliff | January 18, 2018

Mix it up with this Mojito Australia day drink

Entertaining this Australia day? We have a delicious Green Cocktail recipe for you

Nothing goes down better than refreshing lime & mint on a hot day. We have found the zestiest cocktail recipe for you to really impress your friends with this Australia Day.

We have some great food recipe links too so you can be the ultimate entertainer!



Cool down with refreshing Kiwi Juice

By Greencliff | January 02, 2018

Cool Down with Greencliff summer kiwi juice recipe

Looking for a healthy start to 2018? 

Try our healthy Kiwi Juice, this recipe is high in antioxidant making you happy and not only is it low in calories this will aid in weighloss.

Great in juice form or freeze to make delightful health fruit ice blocs




Inspired by the living facade at Central Park?

By Greencliff | November 22nd, 2017

Inner Green Grow your internal garden

Create your own living internal garden with our simple and affordable tips 

Bringing plants inside not only have great health benefits but also create bursts of colour in your apartment. Indoor plants dont need to be big and messy we have some small scale budget friendly tips for you here to create a unique space in your apartment.




When Sparks Fly, Magic Happens

By Greencliff | October 11th, 2017

The Private Kitchen delicious canapes Sydney

Three nights, two very different chefs, one kitchen? 

In The Private Kitchen pop-up, chef Stanley Wong and chef Sam Chablani will collaborate for a four-hands dinner like no other. 
If there was a phrase to describe the collaboration between chef Stanley Wong and chef Sam Chablani, it might be “out of left field”. One might even say “unpredictable”. 
Chef Stanley Wong is renowned for the refined urbane inter-nationality in both his demeanour and culinary style. His Eastside Grill is famous for the perfection of the “upmarket, yet casual grill dining experience with a Japanese twist".



Host your Christmas work function at Kensington St

By Kensington Street | October 4th 2017

Where to host your Christmas Function Sydney

Christmas is just around the corner! Time to start planning your end of year work function.

Are you looking for an amazing experience, where you can satisfy everyone's tastes? Look no further, the answer is Kensington Street, Chippendale, with a variety of venues able to cater to small & large group bookings.

We have highlighted a few just for you.



Chippendale Creative Precinct announces 3 WINNERS - Chippendale World Art Residency

By Chippendale Creative | August 23rd 2017

Eygalieres, Provence

Eygalières, Provence

Congratulations to all entrants, particularly the 3 winners, Paul Davies, Suzanne Chamlin & Lawrence Wallen, the lucky winners of the CWAR, will be granted access to a six week residency at the NG Art Creative Residency, Provence. Mentored by Director & Founder Nicky Ginsberg, they will have the opportunity to paint, create, explore & challenge their artistic passions, while taking in everything the region has to offer.



Kensington St Sydney brings you the opportunity to Dine with a Michelin Chef

By Kensington St | July 27th 2017

Star Chefs

If its ever been on your bucket list to Dine with a Michelin Star Chef then your dreams are about to come true.

Chef Lino from OLIO will be joined by Michelin Star Chef LG Hahn to present a dinner that marries the cuisine of two very different Chefs.



Eastside Grill brings you Chef's Table Experience Truffle Dinner

By Kensington St | June 29th 2017

Truffle farming with Eastside Grill

Truffles are the food flavour of the winter months in the food industry. 

Eastside Grill have come to the rescue with the next Chef's Table Experience - Truffle Dinner

With a menu that includes an 'Enchanted Forest' Cheese Plate & 'Beef Brodo Liquid Parmesan Dumplings you will have to... ...Read More...


Chippendale Creative Precinct Presents - Chippendale World Art Residency

By Chippendale Creative | May 24th 2017

Chippendale Creative Precinct

When it comes to creative then you need look no further than Chippendale Creative & commencing soon (June 1st) is the CHIPPENDALE WORLD ART RESIDENCY 2017

Shared $10,000 art prize open to creatives INTERNATIONALLY

This year, create a painting of a landscape that evokes a sense of PLACE!


Your guide to a summer night out in Glebe


When it comes to the inner-west, Glebe is the perfect spot for a summer evening of shopping, dinner, cocktails and entertainment.



KYO-TO Brings a Taste of Japan to Spice Alley

By Greencliff | November 26th, 2016

Ky Oto Store front

With its authentic Japanese style décor, you’d probably expect the KYO-TO restaurant to be a little more upmarket than its hawker stall neighbours in the Spice Alley area of Kensington Street.



Alex Lee Kitchen: Your First Stop on Sydney’s Spice Alley

By Greencliff | November 4th, 2016

Alex Lee KitchenOne of the best things about living in the inner city is that you have an endless array of exciting eateries on your doorstep. Sydney has long been a beacon of acceptance, and people from different walks of life all over the world call it home.


15 Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment More Sustainable

By Greencliff | October 26th, 2016


Environmentally conscious people are always looking for ways to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint, and it’s something more Australians should become more aware and active about. Although it might feel like you’re not making a difference when implementing green-friendly changes on an individual level, the truth is every little bit counts. Your small changes can mean a huge difference to the planet and can even encourage others to follow suit.


Why Getting Involved with Community Gardens in Sydney Can be Beneficial for You

Best Workout Spots In Sydney’s CBD

Living in the city, sometimes it may seem like it’s hard to find great spots to work out. Where can you go that’s both convenient and enjoyable?

Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a handy list of the best (and some of the most scenic) places to get in some exercise in Sydney’s CBD.

Explore the spots...

Beams Art Festival 17th September 2016, 5-10pm

Fri August 05, 2016

For one night only, the BEAMS Arts Festival descends upon the streets of Chippendale to illuminate the finest creative talent in Sydney!

This multi-disciplinary, FREE arts festival will dazzle you with a fusion of contemporary art with over 350 creatives working across light, video, performance, dance, site-specific sculptural installation and live music, each year proving itself to be a true highlight on Sydney’s event calendar.

In addition the CCP welcomes the gastronomic flair and passion of the Chippendale local chefs, eateries, food & wine providers.

Join us on Saturday the 17th of September from 5pm to 10pm and wander through the art-filled laneways of Chippendale to experience a night of communal 'SPIRIT'.

See you there! Where? Chippendale Green
Chippendale Green, Sydney, Australia 2008


A Guide To Sydney’s Best Markets