Property Management

Whether you own a single investment property or an entire portfolio, here at Greencliff we pride ourselves on providing tailored & efficient property management services that take the stress out of owning property.

Whether you’re a local or international investor or a financial institution or investment fund; our team of experienced property managers are dedicated to ensuring that your investment is efficiently & professionally managed.

Complete our rental appraisal form & we will do the work for you.

Why Greencliff?

  • The backing of a brand that has been operating for 21 years with longstanding links to the some of Australia’s leading property developers & an extensive network of suppliers.
  • Greencliff employ some of the industry’s most rigorous tenancy selection processes ensuring high calibre tenants are selected thereby minimising risk & maximising return.
  • Greencliff’s knowledge of the local Sydney market is second to none making them the market leaders when it is time to sell.
  • Long-term relations & frequent contact with tradespeople means that the Greencliff team are able to negotiate more attractive rates when works need to be done.
  • An experienced team of property managers who can manage the paperwork of owning a property such as -  lease negotiations & agreements, coordination of inspection times, periodic inspections, condition reports, financial reporting, monthly statements, tenant liaison & maintenance requirements.
  • We can handle all outgoing accounts for council, water rates, insurances & strata levies based on the landlord's preferences.
  • By providing regular inspections & condition reports we can make ongoing maintenance recommendations & manage all maintenance & repair requirements to ensure that your property is properly looked after.
  • Greencliff’s on-site presence at a number of projects provides convenience when it comes to inspections & liaising with tenants.
  • Greencliff offers a proxy service to absentee (& local) owners who cannot attend Annual General Meetings. A Greencliff representative can attend the meetings & vote according to the owner’s instructions.
  • Competitive management fees in line with the market average & VIP services for offshore owners.
  • Greencliff has a highly experienced team of bi-lingual property specialists fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay & Indonesian equipped to service enquiries from Sydney’s growing Australian-Asian community.
  • Greencliff offers personalised Property Management services across Sydney. Contact one of our Property Managers today on 02 8823 8818 to find out more.