Clare Magee , 11 May 2017

Hi Nicola, I was at your office to inspect some rental apartments today ( they weren't what I was after but that doesn't matter). While I was waiting, you were meeting with a non-english speaking student, her parents and a translator in the foyer. I work in international education (and sometimes i am given cause to worry about the service our students receive outside of school). I was delighted and really impressed when I witnessed the honest and clear explanation you gave of the pros and cons of buying versus renting and the way you took time to overcome language barriers to ensure the family made the right decision with all the information they needed. I hope you don't mind that I got your name from the company website - I just wanted to say - you are doing a great job and people you are least trying to impress are impressed. Nice one Nicola! Keep up the great work - people like you make teachers' jobs easier as our students are well taken care of by people like you in the community