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The next exciting four hands event June 6th & 7th

By Kensington St | May 8th, 2018


Esquina Spanish Omlette Potato and Truffle Gratin Patagonian Toothfish Cevhiche Georges Bank Fresh Scallops Pigeon, Forest Berries Escabeche BBC Textures of Banana, Beer Ice cream

Food in order of appearance : Esquina Spanish Omlette, Potato & Truffle Gratin, Patagonian Toothfish Cevhiche, Georges Bank Fresh Scallops, Pigeon, Forest Berries Escabeche, BBC Textures of Banana, Beer Ice cream & warm caramel sauce

Featuring Chef Ivan Brehm & Chef Lino Sauro

Best known for propelling the kitchen at Bacchanalia in Singapore to its first ever Michelin Star in 2016, Ivan Brehm returns now  as Chef & Owner of his first restaurant, Nouri.

The Brazilian native has worked in many of the leading kitchens around the world including Per Se in New York, Hibiscus in London & Mugaritz in the Basque Country. In 2008, he joined Heston Blumenthal where he was Development Chef at his Experimental Kitchen at The Fat Duck for 4 years.

Brehm's mixed heritage of Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Lebanese & Syrian has developed a cuisine as eclectic as his lineage.

Don't miss your chance to taste this international menu for two nights only!

June 6th & 7th
The Private Kitchen, Kensington St

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Chef Ivan Brehm from Nouri

Chef Ivan Brehm, pictured above Chef at Nouri Singapore

About Ivan (credit Four Magazine)


Chef of the Year | World Gourmet Series 2015
Restaurant of the Year | Bacchanalia | World Gourmet Series 2015

Q&A with Ivan:

Describe your culinary philosophy in four words.....
Bridging science & craft

What is your greatest inspiration?
Intuition, silence & the present moment

If you could take a plane ride to any restaurant in the world, just for one meal, where would you go?
I would go to Osteria deisognatori, in Alba

What four things would you take to a desert island?
Radio, sunscreen, an epic barbecue & a speedboat

Which four songs would/do you play in your kitchen to get your team motivated & why?
James Taylor, love has brought me around.
Joe Jackson, Stepping out
Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground
Bonobo, Kiara
They are all great songs to cruise to. I dislike music that gets Chefs fired up... kitchens work better outside of competition; & people can only really work as a team when they are all centered.

Visit Nouri website for a sneak peak at the cuisine;

Grouper Black Pepper & Vanilla SauceFrom the Nouri menu: black-pepper & vanilla sauce, charred pickled carrott.

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Bringing to you Chef Carlos Montobbio - Esquina

By Kensington St | April 5th, 2018


Tsarskaya Oyster Esquina Dingley Dell Pork Jowl Grilled Lettuce Esquina Rib Eye Esquina Braised Lamb Esquina Spanish Suckling Esquina

Food in order of appearance : Oyster Jalapeno Ponzu, Dingley Dell Pork Jowl Chipotle Mayo & Pickled Pear, Beef Ribeye Charred Leeks Romesco, Braised Lamb Mojo Picon Cous Cous Charred Eggplant Miso & Spanish Suckling PIg Rhubarb & Apple Chutney Mulled wine jus

The last event sold out so get in quick to book your seat in the next Four Hands Chef Collaboration

Held on May 8th & 9th Chef Lino Sauro will be joining the Barcelona born Chef Carlos Montobbio who leads the Esquina kitchen with his artfully crafted contemporary interpretations of Spanish flavours. 

As head chef of Esquina, Carlos has developed the restaurant as a leading establishment for cuisine based on Spanish & Catalan flavours inspired by his heritage and personal culinary memories. He translates these personal inspirations into contemporary produce-driven dishes through a mix of traditional & modern techniques, showcasing an attention to detail & often experimenting with an element of visual play in the presentation of his dishes.

He has worked in a prolific number of restaurants alongside celebrated chefs, including the Roca brothers from the 3 Michelin started & recurring #1 on the prestigious world's best restaurants list, Celler de Can Roca (Spain) & Chef Hilario.


 Chef Carlos Esquina  A look inside Esquina


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May 9th Food $120 & Food & Wine $170

May 10th Food $120 & Food & Wine $170


What to expect? See video below from the first Four Hands function

Four Hands events Kensington St

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Four Hands Chef Collaboration

By Kensington St | March 7th, 2018

The wait is over...Kensington Street's Four Hands series is back with a line-up of fresh new faces. This year brings cuisine spanning across the globe from some of the finest young talent.

The ‘Four Hands’ experience will see a succession of visiting chefs sharing the helm at Kensington Street’s The Old Rum Store, culminating in a private feast to celebrate the fruits of their collaboration for a few lucky guests. The residency will be led by our very own Chef Lino Sauro of Olio Kensington Street and Gattopardo, Singapore

For two nights only each guest chef will collaborate with Chef Lino on a gastronomic menu presenting the best of their cuisine in Kensington Street's The Private Kitchen.​
​Next up to the chopping board is Chef Sun Kim, of Michelin-starred restaurant Meta, in Singapore. The Korean native has honed his skills working in world-acclaimed and Michelin-starred restaurants like Tetsuya’s in Sydney and Waku Ghin in Singapore.

One can sense the playfulness in Chef Sun’s food, as he re-invents the classics by bringing in a balance of Asian and French flavours.

Chef Sun Kim X Chef Lino Sauro

Wednesday 28 March & Thursday 29 March

Meta Restaurant best Chef

In Meta, Chef Sun’s heritage is synonymous with his food. While he trained, and built his French and Italian foundation in Seoul, he sharpened his skills and taste by working in world-acclaimed and Michelin-starred restaurants in Sydney and Singapore.

In 2017, Chef Sun and his team won themselves a Michelin star, cementing Meta as one of the high-end restaurants in Singapore. One can sense the pride and playfulness he has in his food, as he re-invents the classics by bringing in a balance of Asian and French flavours.

Meta – meaning change, alternation, and alteration – serves up classic French-inspired cuisine with an Asian twist. It was awarded one Michelin star in 2017. Meta, transforms fresh and seasonal ingredients into exciting and inventive dishes. At once familiar and comforting, yet eclectic and edgy, Meta’s food aims to please the palate and pleasure the senses. 

Read the article form Peak Magazine on Chef Sun Kim

Chef Sun Kim french and italian food


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Start 2018 with a clean slate

By Greencliff | January 12th, 2018

Take our new year challenge and tackle these cleaning tasks to provide you the path for a stress free 2018.

Clean living in Lumiere Sydney CBD

Did you know that clutter and mess can lead to stress and anxiety?

The less clutter in your home whether it physical or electronic increases time it takes to do tasks and can you leave you deflated when looking at the enormity of chores. This results in less time being spent enjoying life with friends and family.  

Not only will a clean home provide you health benefits (dust) a clean home is a natural mental mood lifter!

Try this challenge and once complete we guarantee you will start to feel more refreshed and have more time for life balance to make 2018 the best ever!

Challenge 1

Get some big garbage bags (1 for recycling one for general waste) and go through every room in your house, pick up any dead tissues, clothes tags, old receipts (photograph or scan any you need to keep and file electronically), empty food wrappers (particularly in kids rooms or lounge crevices), empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, old catalogues (junk mail), dead plants & flowers, follow this up with a light dust. 

Depending on the size of your home this may be a little bit of a fun work out too!

MONEY SAVER: Did you know in NSW now you can recycle your bottles for money the scheme is called Return and Earn, this might motivate your kids to get engaged in the clean up, recycle stations can be found at participating Woolworths, find more info here.

Challenge 2

Get an empty box or 2 or 3 and now go through each room and select clothes, pots, crockery, any items that you have not used in over a year. We all have that item of clothing that we dream of fitting into again or simply keep things for sentimental purposes but it all takes up space, we dont need 20 coffee mugs, or 200 tupperware containers cull some and take them too the local charity.

Use this time to re-order your cupboards so things are easy to reach and easy to see. Get yourself some kitchen draw organisersstorage holders or towel holders.

Challenge 3

Stop unneccesary items coming in, unsubscribe from mailing lists (try unroll.me) this includes electronic mail a tidy electronic filing system set up is also a way of clearing your mind. Filter the junk mail at the mailbox and place straight in your recycle. When shopping resist the urge to impulse buy, try it on take a photo if clothing then if you still want it after a week or so go back and get it (might be on sale later on too).  If its an appliance or ornament do the same thing, then if you are still thinking its a necessity after another week then purchase. This will prevent you from having multiple items in your house you dont use or wear. Added bonus is the monetary saving in this restraint.

Challenge 4

Clean out the fridge and pantry of any expired food items I dont know how it happens but there always seems to be an item in the fridge a year out of date how did it get there???  Throw out any stale food or herbs that have gone hard after moisture has seeped through. Go through your freezer is anything out of date?  Once done clear all contents out and clean the fridge and cupboard and clean!  For stubborn stains on laminate, try the magic eraser (yes it works) put down some non slip matting which will also protect your laminate. Place all items back in a systematic order so when you need it you can find it ensure all items are visible too if you cant see it you will forget its there and likely end up with multiple of the same product or out of date products.

clean out your fridge and feel good

Want some extra satisfaction do a before and after photo!!

Challenge 5

Start doing a load of washing a day (depending on your household) or every couple of days so its not a huge task that absorbs a whole day of your weekend or RDO. Set your washing machine on a timer so it starts and hour before you reach home then its ready to put straight out. Having dirty washing will also lead to sad odurs filling your house. Clean washing will uplift you with the fresh fragrance. This will provide you more time on the weekend and help your home look clear.

Get organised do regular washing loads

Tackle these 5 challenges and get out and live life. Coming home to a clean house will inspire you to kick more goals and freeing up your weekends will mean more time for adventure with your friends and family. Visit NSW here.

Inside out brings Singapore's Art scene to Sydney

By Greencliff | October 10th, 2017

 Ezzam Rahman Visual InstallationArtwork: Ezzam Rahman 

Kensington St, Chippendale | November 3rd - November 5th 2017

Inside Out, a creative showcase featuring works by some of Singapore’s leading contemporary creative talents, will debut in Sydney in November. An eclectic collective of Singapore’s contemporary art scene, Singapore: Inside Out aims to showcase to Sydneysiders another aspect of Singapore not usually seen or experienced by many visitors.


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STB Oceania’s Executive Director of Oceania Mr John Conceicao, said “Singapore: Inside Out first started in 2015 as part of Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and managed to reach over 67,000 people in Beijing, London and New York, before returning to Singapore. The feedback we received from audiences was excellent, many remarking how they never knew how strong Singapore’s art scene was. This encouraged us to develop the 2017 series, which was launched in Tokyo just last week, and will arrive in Sydney in November.”

Themed “Movement”, the Sydney showcase aims to reflect not only on the creative process which is made up of different movements, but also Singapore’s multi-cultural society, which has inspired diverse practices and is constantly challenging one’s perception of what is generally assumed to be ‘typically’ Singaporean.

Mr Randy Chan (article about Mr Randy Chan), the Principal Architect for one of Singapore’s leading architectural studios – Zarch Collaboratives, will helm the project, while Vertical Submarine, an independent Singaporean art collective, will take on the role as art director. A Singapore President’s Design Award winner, Mr Chan has most recently been selected as the architect for the Singapore Pavilion at the Astana EXPO-2017.

Taking place from 3 to 5 November 2017, Singapore: Inside Out Sydney will be held at various locations along Kensington Street including the Old Clare Hotel, within the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

Featuring not only artworks but also collaborations by twenty Singaporean and Australian creative talents, visitors can experience various disciplines such as both visual and performing arts, photography, design and music. One such collaborative artwork, Video Car: VJ Co-op, encourages audiences to take on the role of a video jockey using equipment installed within a functional car, with the windscreen as the display for moving images and the boot being transformed into a VJ console. The video works presented are the result of a collaboration between Singaporean artist Urich Lau, who has presented works internationally including at the recent Pyeongchang Biennale (2017), and Australian performance artist Stelarc, who recently presented his works at the Human+: The Future of Our Species exhibition at the Art Science Museum.

Grace Tan Visual Installation - Photo credit ZarchArtwork: Grace Tan (Credit Zarch)

Another example is the site-specific installation, At The Angle of Repose by Grace Tan, a Singapore President’s Design Award recipient in 2012. The artwork is an assembly of more than two million clothes tag pins to form visually-stunning plant-like proliferations and highlights the element of instability and things in constant flux. Malcolm Lee, head chef and owner of Candlenut, the world’s first and only Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, will also be presenting a sampling of Singapore’s culinary delights to Sydney consumers.

Raw Moves Dance PerformanceRaw Moves Dance Performance (Credit Bernie NG)

Besides art, the showcase will also feature a stellar line-up of partner events that will offer visitors additional insights into Singapore’s growing pool of creative talents. Some of these include live music presented by The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO), a design collaboration between Singapore scarf label Binary Style and Australian shoemaker Extraordinary Ordinary Day, and a star-studded dessert collaboration by a powerhouse trio comprising Sydney’s dessert prodigy Reynold Poernomo, pastry chef Adredna Tan from the world’s first and only Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut, and Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2016 Cheryl Koh from Tarte.


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Visit event page for more details: 

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View TimeOut Article: 

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A Sicilian Easter Feast right here in Sydney


Mixed dishes at OLIO

Credit: Photography by Lauren Commens

Celebrate Easter the Sicilian way with Chef Lino and the Olio team! Easter in Italy marks the welcoming of spring, 'the beautiful season', and to celebrate friends and families gather for communal picnics under the sun, sharing an abundance of handmade food and stories.

If you’ve dined with us at Olio, you know you’ve already joined our family. With a rich array of seafood produce at our fingertips, our menu is bursting with fish options, and is the perfect answer to your Good Friday family feast.

Olio Logo


Lunch, Friday and Saturday, 12 - 3pm
Dinner: Friday and Saturday, 6 - 10pm
Terrace: Friday and Saturday, 5 - 10pm


Book your table here.

For a taste of Sicilian Easter in your own home, try your hand at Chef Lino's Mediterranean Mackerel recipe below.

Mackeral at OLIO

Credit: Sgombro, Photography by Chef Lino Sauro

Sgombro - Mediterranean Mackerel with Kale, Orange and Pancetta
Serves 2


300g Mediterranean mackerel
100g oranges
100g kale
60g pancetta (roughly 2 thin slices)
100g Eucalyptus honey
10g garlic
Extra virgin olive oil


Fillet the mackerel. Divide each fillet into two pieces, cross-ways.

Marinate the mackerel in a mixture of orange, 20g of honey, 1 clove crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

Prepare orange jam with orange peel, 80g honey, 1 clove of garlic and water. Cook for 1 hour on low heat until thick and smooth in texture.

Blanch the kale leaves in boiling water for 30 seconds. Drain and submerge immediately in an ice bath, or a bowl of iced water.

Sauté the kale and half a clove of garlic, sliced, in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil over a medium-high heat.

In a saucepan, heat up some oil. Once hot, place in the 4 mackerel fillet pieces, and fry for approximately 30 seconds per side.

To serve, stack the mackerel fillets alternately with the sautéed kale.

To garnish, scatter sautéed pancetta and drizzle orange jam on top.

Dine amongst the Olive Trees

SA Campaign

Credit: See South Australia Campaign Launch at Olio Kensington Street, Photography by David Li

Bring your family and friends along for an indulgent trip to Sicily without leaving Sydney!

Our Sicilian-inspired outdoor terrace leads off our contemporary indoor dining room, and overlooks Chippendale's bustling Kensington Street.

Have a casual drink and aperitivo for two on the terrace amidst the olive trees, or book a large corporate function or celebratory event with us.

For Terrace and Restaurant bookings, book here.

For function and event enquiries, email us here: Email us!

OLIO in the Limelight

With dishes like these, who wouldn't want to post snaps of us!?

Captivating the iPhone screens of Instagram influencers and foodies alike, below is a snapshot of Olio Kensington Street in the limelight.

Sicilian Summer

Philip Lee

Sicilian Summer
Watermelon, Wild Strawberries, Hibiscus,
Beetroot, Raspberries



Will Xia

Charred and Citrus Glazed Octopus, Capsicum and Sun Dried Tomato Aioli


Where to take the kids in Sydney city these School Holidays


Central Park

When the sweltering heat of the Summer holidays hits, the last thing you’re going to want to be doing is sitting around indoors, slowly melting away. At times like this, kids are likely to go veritably stir-crazy cooped up indoors, and unless you’re fortunate enough to live near some decent parkland and activities, you’re going to be constantly on the hunt for things to occupy and entertain them with.

Luckily, the city of Sydney has always had a great selection of family-oriented fun and easy adventures for children and adults alike. Whether you’re looking to get hands on, or simply relax under a big screen, we’ve collected together only a small number of the massive array available to in Sydney for this summer holidays.

Catch a flick at Broadway

If you’re looking for something that everybody can enjoy, young at heart or young in years, catching a blockbuster at Hoyts Broadway is a nice, safe bet that should fit pretty much any child’s taste.

Hoyts is located on the top floor of Broadway, which means that you’ll have an easy selection of other things to distract the kids with while you’re there. If they’re into games and gadgets, JB Hi-Fi or EB Games should distract them for a bit, or take a look through the Target toys section while you catch up on your own shopping.

Grab some popcorn and a drink and settle in. It’s the holidays, so a great big bunch of blockbusters are across the horizon. The new Harry Potter and Star Wars are unfortunately rated M, but Trolls (Dreamworks, from the Shrek creators), Moana (Disney), and The Secret Life of Pets (Illumination - creators of Despicable Me) should be more than enough to cover most bases.

Normally at this point we’d also recommend taking it to the next level at IMAX, a gigantic 3D movie theatre in Darling Harbour, but this great Sydney institution has shut down, reopening in 2019 in a new theatre. Bummer.

Blow minds at the Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum stands as the number one destination for aspiring minds in Sydney, and has an absolutely astounding array of fascinating curiosities and exhibits arranged in child-friendly ways.

The best part of the Powerhouse is that the exhibits within it are truly fascinating; they won’t just entertain children, they’re more than enough to keep anybody’s mind fixated.

Over this summer, they have exhibits on Egyptian Mummies, designs of the past and 20th Century, a hands-on Paleontology exhibit, dozens of workshops - and that’s not even counting their permanent exhibits of technology and biology across the globe!

Seriously. If you’ve never gone to the Powerhouse Museum, go to the Powerhouse Museum. You’ll have fun, the kids will have fun. It’s a great day out.

Shark Tank


After a short walk to Darling Harbour you’ll find the Sydney Aquarium, home to one of the best public collections of sea life on the planet. Australia’s sheer wealth of undersea flora and fauna is staggering, and a massive amount of them can only be found here.

You’ll get to see cute fairy penguins up close, walk through the mesmerising glass tube passageways (which make the trip worth it in themselves), catch a seal show, and touch a sea cucumber (both gross AND fascinating!)

Buying online will set you back $48 for a family ticket (a 30% discount on gate prices), which is a nice deal.

Plus, you can also bundle a 30 day trip (for a slightly more pricey $380 family) for a trip to the Aquarium, Sydney Zoo (note: NOT Taronga Zoo), Madame Tussauds, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, and the Sydney Tower Eye. A couple of these are out of the way, so only go for this if you’re really committed to the holiday fair, but they’re all worth checking out in their own right individually.

Day trip to the park

German Shepard picnic

Sydney’s a pretty good place to live if you want greenery; we’ve got decent infrastructure and more than enough cultivated parkland for kids. If you’re living in the inner city though, finding a spot to run around can be a bit of a hassle.

Prince Alfred Park is right next to Central Station, and has a massive amount of running space, basketball and tennis courts, play areas for children, and a pool that contains a toddler’s splash area. You can even take along the dog (though obviously not if you’re catching the train in), since there’s an off-leash area available.

Once you’re done, take out the snags and paper plates, because there’s plenty of barbeque facilities to partake in the Great Australian Summer Meal from.

If you just want to let the kids tire themselves out by having a great day in the sun, and you don’t live near anywhere that has the facilities and land to do so, Prince Alfred Park has you covered. Just remember to Slip, Slop, Slap; it’s looking to be a hot summer this year!

Another great park to hang out with the kids is Central Park in Chippendale. With the Central Park Shopping Mall right next to the park, this makes it super easy to pick up lunch supplies from Woolworths, and you can even take advantage of the giant chess set on the lower ground floor of the courtyard.

There’s lots to discover this summer in the Sydney CBD, so make sure you take some time to visit these wonderful locations during the holidays.

What’s Happening at Broadway Shopping Centre?

As one of Sydney's favourite shopping destinations, Broadway Shopping Centre works hard to ensure a pleasant and interesting experience for all shoppers during their visit. Part of this policy involves the endeavour to always offer something new and fresh to stimulate your senses.

One thing you can be sure of is that Broadway will never be “just a shopping centre". Broadway is truly a destination: a place to meet with friends, a place to eat just about any kind of food you want to try, a place to catch some entertainment, and of course a place to "shop til you drop" (although obviously it's better if you don't actually drop).

There's always something happening at Broadway, and here's a list of some of the most recent developments at Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney.

Bondi Pizza opens new restaurant on Level 2

Bondi Pizza has been a fantastic local success story, and their newly opened seventh location is a welcome addition to Level Two at Broadway Shopping Centre.

This is a fully licensed restaurant, so alongside the classic offerings of pizza and an array of internationally influenced dishes, you can also enjoy wine, cocktails, or of course an icy cold beer.

For something extra-special, try the Moroccan Spiced Sizzling Prawns: deliciously spicy prawns served in a sizzling hotpot with slices of flatbread and a tangy cucumber and yoghurt dressing.

Parking innovations introduced

Broadway Shopping Centre is a civic-minded place, and shopping should be something everyone can enjoy. Having said that, parking at Christmas can be a nightmare. To help ease the pressure a bit, we're offering cyclists the opportunity to park their bikes securely for free at our new Bike Block facility, which is available 24x7 on the Ground Floor North Car Park (off Francis Street).

Life can be difficult for students, so in recognition of that, we're also offering cut-price parking for students. All you need to do is enter the car park from Bay Street and keep in the right hand lane. Take a ticket from the machine and proceed to Level 3, then validate your ticket in the machine at the boom gate. You'll then be able to park on Level 3A or Level 4 all day for just $16.

Free WiFi is now available

Next time you visit Broadway Shopping Centre, show the world what you're having for lunch by connecting to our free WiFi service. Every user can get either 3 hours or 1GB of complimentary access each day. Of course, you're expected to use the service responsibly, complying with our terms and conditions for WiFi access.